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Deborah Bryon - July 15, 2024


Time and Trauma in Analytical Psychology and Psychotherapy

The Wisdom of Andean Shamanism By Deborah Bryon

Seminar Topics:

This presentation weaves together interpersonal and Jungian analytic perspectives, informed by indigenous Andean shamanism, and contemporary scientific understanding of time in an exploration of a more expansive, vision of the world.  It will provide different perspectives on experiences central to contemporary depth psychology – i.e., the subjective experience of time and trauma. The instructor will draw on her experience as a psychologist and Jungian psychoanalyst as well as her immersion in Andean shamanism.  The commonalities in the conceptual framework of quantum theory, complexity theory, and fractal dynamics will be described and used in examining underlying links between mystical and clinical experience."


The presentation will include a powerpoint with some of her paintings to add a visual representation to some of the shamanic experiences being described.




Deborah Bryon, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and Diplomate Jungian analyst in private practice in Denver, Colorado. She received in-depth training with Q'ero shamans in Peru and has undergone a series of sacred initiations becoming a yachacheq (a paqo, or shaman, who works with the mind).Deborah is the author of three books - Lessons of the Inca shamans, Part I: Piercing the veil (Pine Winds Press, 2012), Lessons of the Inca shamans, Part II: Beyond the veil (Pine Winds Press, 2014), and Time and trauma in analytical psychology and psychotherapy: The wisdom of Andean shamanism (Routledge, 2024). Recent chapters and articles she has published recently include; “The Beauty of the Women in Willem de Kooning’s Paintings”. Journal of Analytical Psychology. (April 2024), Are Psychedelics Really Necessary? In “Psychedelics and Individuaton: Essays by Jungian Analysts,” ed. Leslie Stein and Lionel Corbett, Chiron Publications, (2023), pp. 157-180, “Implicit States of Connectivity in the Clinical Practice of Jungian Psychoanalysis and Andean Shamanism”. Journal of Analytical Psychology. (June 2023), "Bastard children of the avant-garde: artistic expression in the Cubist and Abstract Expressionist movements and the psychoanalytic process”. Journal of Analytical Psychology. (May 2022), Dream Reader”. 5280: The Denver Magazine, Feature Article by Spencer Campbell, (April 2022) p. 144, and “Processing Trauma in Psychoanalysis in “Real” Time and in Dreams: The Convergence of Past, Present, and Future During Covid 19”. Journal of Analytic Psychology Special Edition. (June 2021). Deborah's email address is: deborahbryon@gmail.com