About the SPJung


C.G. Jung Society of Psychoanalysis from Romania (SPJung) is an association founded in 2021 by a group of seven Jungian Analyst accredited by IAAP. Each of them started to study and practice analytical psychotherapy under the training programs of ARPA, Romanian Association of Analytical Psychotherapy accredited by the Romanian Psychological Council.

They continued the training under the International Association for Analytical Psychology, Zurich, and graduated to become accredited Jungian psychoanalysts. 

Mission statement

The general/essential mission of C.G. Jung Society of Psychoanalysis from Romania (SPJung) shall be to promote the science and practice of Jungian psychoanalysis and psychotherapy and to facilitate interaction and communication among Jungian psychoanalysts and psychotherapists in Romania and around the world.

Founders and Members


Mihaela Minulescu
Mariana Manzat
Daniela Georgeta Ioachimescu
Ema Diaconu
General Secretary
Silvica Liliana Alionte
Accounting Department coordinator
Camelia Nicoleta Boanca
Clinical Department Coordinator
Roxana Marinescu
Dissemination Dept. Coordinator

Ethics Principles

The essential principles that will guide the professional activity of the Jungian psychoanalysts are:

Principle I: Respect for the Dignity