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Mihaela Minulescu

Mihaela Minulescu, PhD., Professor, Jungian Psychoanalyst, IAAP member 2016, Analytical psychotherapist & Supervisor and trainer, Clinical Psychologist (A.R.P.A, Romanian Psychologist Council).

Teaching Clinical Psychology and Personality Assessment at Bucharest University, and currently at Psychology Department of National University of University of Administrative and Political Studies teaching Clinical Psychology, Organizational Psychotherapy.

Trained and accredited in Analytical Psychoanalysis, member of International Association for Analytical Psychology, Zurich.

A dedicated poet, with volumes of poetry using symbolic and metaphorical language, member of Romanian Writers Society.

She introduced in Romania in academic Master programs the analytical psychology approach, and in 2000 founded the Romanian Association of Analytical Psychology, association accredited under the Romanian legislative norms of practicing psychotherapy by Romanian Psychological Council. In that capacity she started the accredited training in Analytical psychotherapy, within a program of training which is in practice now for about 22 years on.

She published multiple books and articles published and/or presented in various professional international conferences or congresses.

To name only some of those books and studies dedicated to psychotherapeutically practice:

Introduction in Jungian Analysis, 2001, Trei Editorial House, Bucharest;  

Child Psychology, 2003, Psyche Editorial House, Bucharest;

La syncronicite dans le rancontre analytique, with P. Lisievici in La Psychologie Transpersonnelle ou le temps du changement, Editions Eurobit, Timisoara, 2012;

Complexes. Creativity or destructiveness, Trei Editorial House, 2015;

Syntonic & Projective Countertransference in Supervision. Case Study în International Conference Psychology and the Realities of the Contemporary World, proceedings, 2013;

Exploring the implication of Jungian notion of Organizational Psychic: Facebook as a living organism, in Confronting Contemporary Business Challenges through Management Innovation, EuroMed Press, 2013;

Symbols of healing and transformation in psychotherapy: the Bridge.  CPSYC Proceedings 2014;

Assessment of personality and psychopathology by projective methods, in Psychological Evaluation. Clinical Psychologist's Manual, Polirom Editorial House, 2017;

Dionysus, archetype of childhood and epiphany trauma, in Spiritualization of contemporary man, an imperative of transpersonal psychology, Eurobit Publishing House, Timișoara, 2018;

Hermes, archetype of transformation in the analytical relationship, The Hermes and Aphrodite Aeon, XXI International Congress for Analytical Psychology Proceedings, Vienna, 2019;

Wounded but not wounded. Education toward enduring the sufferance with compassion and love. The primary wound as an archetypal drama. 2020.

Therapy and transgenerational confrontation. Therapy of original Dionysian trauma, in Psihologia transpersonala, Eurobit Ed H., Timi;oara, 2020.

Spirit of the Time versus Spirit of Deaph, in Educaía pentru Benevolent[, Eurobit Editorial House, Timisoara, 2021

E-mail: mirunaminulescu@gmail.com

Mobile : +40724013534

Site: https://psihoterapieanalitica.ro