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Lionel Corbet - 18th of May 2024


Psychological, psychodynamic, and Jungian approaches to evil. 


Seminar topics:

This lecture will discuss the sources of evil both from the point of view of the individual's psychology and culture. We will compare traditional religious views of evil with psychological approaches. In particular, we will look at the developmental factors that predispose to evil behavior from the point of view of Jungian theory and psychoanalytic theory. We will discuss Jung’s notion of the dark side of the Self, or archetypal evil, and its relationship to the personal shadow. 


Dr. Lionel Corbett is the author of numerous professional papers and six books: Psyche and the Sacred; The religious function of the Psyche; The sacred cauldron: Psychotherapy as a spiritual practice; 

The Soul in Anguish: Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Suffering, and Understanding Evil: A guide for psychotherapists. He is the co-editor of four volumes of collected papers: Psyche’s Stories; Depth Psychology, meditations in the field; Psychology at the Threshold; and Jung and Aging.

Dr. Lionel Corbett is a core faculty member at Pacifica Graduate Institute teaching depth psychology, teaching in the Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices Specialization, the Jungian and Archetypal Studies Specialization, and both doctoral programs in Clinical Psychology.