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Mihaela Minulescu - 9 decembrie 2023


Animal symbolism in dreams, active imagination, and mythology & the meaning of centering in the individuation process

Seminar topics:

  • Instinctive and archetypal meanings
  • Dreams, active imagination, and personal significance 
  • Focused on the individuation process

Mihaela Minulescu, PhD, Professor,


is a Jungian Analyst and training member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology, and of the Psychoanalytic Society G. G. Jung Romania; she is a training member of the European Association of Transpersonal Psychology, training member.

She has worked as a psychotherapist in a Clinical Centre and in private praxis for over 25 years and was the founder of Analytical Psychology in Romania when in 2000 started the Romanian Association of Analytical Psychology and the Training for Analytical Psychotherapists. She currently is a professor of Clinical Psychology and Assessment Techniques, at S.N.S P A.. She has numerous books and papers, among them Introduction to Analytical Psychology, and Complexes. Creativity and Destructivity.